Trendy Mid Century Modern and Contemporary Art, Home Decor and Fine Jewelry. All Handpicked Unique, Chic, Fun, Sometimes Funky but Always Timeless Collector Pieces!

I have been working on a passion project that involves purchasing sculptures from various sources and with varying degrees of damage. It has been a labor of love with countless hours and loads of hard work. My goal is to restore these pieces back to their original grandeur, sometimes with an updated color palate when appropriate. I hope to not only keep another artist’s masterpiece living on for a few more decades, but to introduce the next generation to sculptures as home décor that may otherwise end up in our landfills.
Sculptures are not just art; they are three-dimensional stories that invoke many feelings and memories. Thank you for looking at my collection of restored treasures and I hope you find one that tells your story.

Thank you for visit my store! Everything is hand curated from Estate Sales from all over the USA. My hope is you will find here your next great treasure and showcase piece, whether it be art, lighting, furniture and of course jewelry! Happy hunting!